About Us

  Establish in May. 02. 2014. E&M COFFEE has grown from month to year and year after year, we were start up with a small business and have been operating over 3 years, we look forward to expanding our coffee shop became outstanding business to serve our customer with one cup for one person at a time to increase our customer’s requirement and also increase the scope of coffee on the Cambodian market.

Our Mission: we want to inspire with one cup for one person and one neighborhood a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where our customer can enjoy great quality tasting of coffee, fresh juice, food, bakery and service.

Our Vision: We want to become from family member to be a part outstanding company to bring our customers the most extraordinary collection to be a part of unique experience.

Our Objective: We want to inspire became a outstanding of coffee shop in Cambodia market and looking forward to earn good share of market coffee concept.

Our Coffee: We’ve always trust in our coffee premium task. It's our goal want all of our coffee to be grown with the highest standards of quality; our coffee was to right selection with the highest quality beans. And our master roasters bring out the balance and rich flavor of the beans through the signature E&M Roast.

Our Stores: E & M's distinctive prominence is the stylish boutique-style boutique shop and green nature that looks almost everywhere. While shopping in the store is as rich as decorating with beautiful artifacts, most of the artifacts are rarely seen elsewhere. are designed with wall paintings and white Back grounds and wallpapers. It's proven
the refined style and modernity of the coffee in the 21st century.... and a neighborhood gathering place for meeting friends and family. Our customers enjoys with quality coffee bean/service, an inviting atmosphere and an exceptional beverage and food.

Our Partners: We have considered all employees as family members and the best investing partners and at the core of the heart of E & M. And we firmly believe that they are looking forward to bringing good things to satisfy the needs of our customers with a glass of great coffee bean and a delicious meal.

Our Core Values:

We work with our team as partners, our coffee/food and our customers at our core, we live these values:

  • Friendly:  towards our fellow Team Members and customers.
  • Respect: for each other’s values and opinions and we communicate effectively with patients, families’ co-workers, and a community.
  • Ownership:  because we treat the store as if it were our own.
  • Teamwork:  because we can achieve more success together than we can achieve alone and we take ownership and respond to request to other team member in a timely manner.
  • Honesty:  because we are truthful to each other and ourselves.
  • Quality: E & M offers 100% quality coffee beans for our customers to be unique.
  • We try hard to keep up with our customers to achieve our goals.